Groetjes Uit Nederland

Greetings from the Netherlands. My name is Ali Mehaidli and I am here in Breda doing my Erasmus exchange semester. I am studying forensic chemistry at Avans university of applied sciences.

I started my studies in the spring semester of 2022. My studies consisted of a project work that constituted most of my time, and some classes as well that completed the minor. The project was split between lab work, preparation, and reporting. I Spent at least one month working in the lab, from 8 in the morning till 3 in the afternoon. It was a fun yet challenging experience and I learned a lot from being in the lab.

My spare time was always filled with different activities. I live in an accommodation with four other residents, so there were always ideas being generated on what could be done for fun. I Spent my time visiting various cities in the Netherlands, I visited natural and rural areas like forests and lakes. I visited famous landmarks and museums. Additionally, I spent my evenings in the city center, having some drinks with either the locals or foreign exchange student. One thing I enjoyed the most was riding the bicycle around the city, the bicycle routes are clear in the Netherlands, and it makes the riding experienced much smoother and more enjoyable.

I believe my experiences studying in Finland and here in the Netherlands are quite similar, the systems are the same in terms of trying to make learning more enjoyable. The only difference I felt is working in the labs. In Finland I’m used to having a supervisor at the lab that informs and explains what needs to be done, and how its need to be done. Which makes sense because a lab could be a dangerous place. Here in the Netherlands I was shocked to find out that I was on my own at the lab, I had to get familiar and accustomed to finding the equipment, and maintaining and discarding everything in its right place.



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