Capital of the alps

Studying in University of Turin.

I’m studying economics in University of Turin and in Finland I’ve been studying mostly sales and marketing. The courses overall have been harder in Turin, and they are not my field of studies which makes it little bit more not so interesting. I have been happy for the level of teaching in Turin, and I have liked the University way of having lot of lectures and less group work a lot more. University is a little bit more strict here and local students seem to spend way more time for studying than we are used to in Finland. Local students pretty much own their whole life for University in Turin and forget hobbies and social life.


I have spent amazing time here in Turin and I love all the activities the city has to offer. Location of the city is in my opinion perfect because closest beach is 1,5 hour away and the alps are 1 hour away. I have been skiing a lot in the alps and I have made some unforgettable experiences in the mountains. I started ski touring here which is hiking/climbing up to the mountain with your ski’s and sometimes even climbing with your ski’s in the backpack which is amazing.


Studying culture is a bit different here than in Finland. I was surprised how much Italians actually dedicate their time for studies and how seriously they take it. Of course there is a difference studying in University than studying in University of Applied Sciences, but all my friends has the same opinion who are studying in hard Universities in their home countries. I feel like here in Italy it is common to spend more hours for studying and forget focusing on effectiveness. Overall, I have a feeling that students tend to spend way more hours for studying that might be more harmful than useful in my opinion.


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