Greetings from Dublin!

I'm a radiographer student and I'm doing my exchange period in Dublin, Ireland. Our university here is UCD (University College Dublin) and we have had four weeks of school, seven weeks of clinical placement, one holiday week and the exam week. It's now almost the end of exchange and it has been a memorable experience.

Our studies here were mostly on campus which was great after doing so many online lectures in Finland. After few weeks, all the Covid-restrictions were removed here and everything was open again. In school we had a lot of lectures, assignments and group works. At first it was quite hard to study in English but I got used to it pretty quickly and my English skills have improved a lot. We had so much school work to do all the time and the weeks went by really quickly.

I was in clinical placement in one of the big hospitals in Dublin for total of seven weeks. The staff was really friendly and I learned a lot in there. Compared to Finland, I didn’t get do as much myself but I got see procedures and examinations that I wouldn’t have seen in Finland.

The best part of this exchange was to meet new people and get to know new culture. In our spare time we visited beautiful sights, few different cities near Dublin and hanged out with our exchange friends. This has been an amazing experience and I have learned a lot in here!






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