Greetings from Varna, Bulgaria

My name is Flora and I study Entrepreneurship and Team Leadership. My Erasmus exchange is soon ending, which makes me excited to go home is also weird as I got used to this new routine in the past 4 months. I spent my exchange in Varna, Bulgaria, and attended a local private university called VUM.

During this semester I had 4 courses: Marketing, Branding and Advertising, Intercultural Awareness for Business, and English. My favorite one was the intercultural awareness class where we talked about different norms in different cultures, and the reasons for those norms, looked at the building blocks that make culture, and compared cultures using theories and research data. The school is very small and not too modern compared to TAMK and Proakatemia, but they organized a lot of activities for the students during the semester.

In my free time, I go to the beach with my friends. My main reason for choosing Varna in the first place was the sea and I am happy with the decision. ๐Ÿ™‚ We also eat out a lot as it is so cheap.

Compared to Finland, the school is a lot less work, I think the level of education and the motivation of the students aren’t as good as in Finland. Work-life here is also more serious, the mindset towards it is live to work instead of the Finnish way of work to live. People spend a lot of time working and always saving money.

Overall, it was a fun time but I am excited to go home.


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