Greetings from Porto

Porto is an absolutely beautiful city. I’m having such a good time here. This place has started to feel like home. It is easy to move around and live everyday life here. I have travelled and seen so many things here.I  have visited the capital Lisbon and beautiful little cities called Aveiro, Braga and Geres. . I’ve  alo started to learn how to surf.

Comparing to Finland the studying methods are a little bit more laid-back here. First, it was weird that you were allowed to come late to classes etc. but now that I’m used to it, I actually like it.  Portuguese people are not so strict with timing so it is normal to be late from 5 to 15 minutes. That has been a hard thing for a Finn to learn but it’s  actually kind of nice that people aren’t in a rush and so punctual all the time.

My everyday life here is built of studying, surfing, sports, meeting new friends, participating in social events and getting to know the country and the city by traveling. The traditional Portuguese food haven’t been my favorite, but it’s ok. The famous pastry ‘’Pastel de nata’’ is really good though! Porto is full of amazing restaurants and cafes. That’s something I like.  

My three absolute favorite things in Porto are surfing, the weather (compared to Finland) and the kindness of natives. Surfing here is a quite common sport because of the good and big waves at the coast of Portugal. I love it!

-Wilma Heinämäki


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