Vestkant lifestyle

Erasmus exchange program happened during Spring 2022 in the Netherland. The exchange took place at Avans university of applied sciences. The school is located in Breda city at the southern part of the Netherlands. The minor study at he target school was in the field of Biorefinery technology.

Vestkant is the home address, where I’m staying during the whole time of the exchange. I put it as a title, because there are memories from that house, which come first into my mind.

Here I am living with students from different backgrounds. In the mean time, we are sharing our life habits and daily practices together as well as we are taking care of each other in time of sickness and other obstacles face us.

Something about my studies, I’m  studying Biorefinery in the chemical engineering department at Avans university. In the minor degree, I’m studying the concepts and the industrial applications of the biorefinery plant. The content of the course worth 30 credits, collected from courses and projects held at the school.

Happily, I have a good background in chemical engineering, which is helping me to understand the courses efficiently. In the study plan, there is one main project worth 12 Cr, which is dealing with an external company.

The project is enhancing my understanding and awareness in the working life as well as acknowledge all the steps of project-making. Among the other courses, I am amazed with a course called Product development, which concerns biomimicry, and parametric design,. This course opening my vision more on how nature is working and what can we learn from it.



My studying technique is partially done alone and mostly with my classmates or with my roommates. This habit increased my ability to work and study in a big group. I’m also, experiencing how my roommates from different regions perform studying.

In my free time, I am getting to know more people from different cultures. Also, I am visiting parts of the Netherlands and getting to know the country and the Dutch people. I usually party with my roommates, go to festivals and enjoy our time.



Besides the content of the minor degree, the teaching style at Avans university is kind of mind shocking in comparison with Finland! In other meaning, the teaching style is quite hard and demanding. In fact, it is getting very busy at the end of the program. Some extra criteria that are required in the program, which are an extra work for the student. I feel studying in Finland is more flexible and isn’t overwhelming as it is in the Netherland. In Finland, reserving the lab and purchasing the chemicals to perform the experiment are organized by the school’ teachers, whereas in the Netherland, we had to do these procedures by ourselves, which took extra time from us, and it kind of disturbed the studying plan.

At the end, hard work make you become a hard worker. I accepted that hard work as a new challenges that I can benefit from later. Now, I feel I am more flexible and adaptable to new and intensive challenges.


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