Greetings from Porto!

Here is little info what is like being an exchange student in Portugal!

Hi and greetings from sunny Porto! Student life in Porto is kinda different when you compared it to the Finnish student culture. Slow mornings and long evenings are the key words of studying in Portugal. My normal day usually went by waking up late in the morning and my school started at 2pm. After school (or even middle of the day) there is possible to enjoy beer from cafeteria but when it comes to food I highly recommed to bring our own or buy it from the store. After school I really enjoyed just sitting in the park and watch beautifull sunsets.

We also had lot of holidays during the autumn semester and that was great time to spent by going to cityes close by. You can rent a car in Porto in very cheap price and it’s much easier way to explore nature parks ja wine villages. Just remember that if you drink don’t be the one that drives! Also If ever visiting Portugal I can highly recommend surfing and trying portuguese food by local restaurant.

If you are ever thinking about moving to Porto, just remember to check your apartment before hand. We got message two days before our moving day that we cannot move to that apartmet and we had to move three times because the standards are not the same in here than in Finland. Even thought we had lot of ups and downs I think the cheap prices in food, drinks and activities made it easier to enjoy things outside of the apartment.




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