Hello from the Netherlands!

Postcard from the Hague

Hey! I studied my fall -22 at the Hague in Netherlands. I’m studying international Business and Administration in the Hague University of Applied sciences. I have two minors. First one was about purposeful marketing and the second was Blockchain: an introduction. In the first minor we made an actual marketing plan for a hospital in Ohio about how to reduce the stigma around opioid usage. And for the blockchain minor they are teaching us about cryptos and blockchains and everything around it. For the both minors I don’t have any tests, but a lot of group works and portfolio writing etc. Teachers and the style they are teaching is quite similiar as in Finland also. So we don’t just have to sit and listen and do homework. Also the minors are both 15ect and I think it is a good thing that you can focus and deep dive into one subject and don’t have three different courses going on.

As a spare time we usually hang out a lot with our friends and explored the Hague and other parts of Netherlands. In the Hague the best place to go was the beach. It was almost looking like a beach from GTA V. Lot of sand and a long wharf. Netherlands is a beautiful country. Lot of old buildings and streets, canals and history. There is a picture of me and my friend Luca posing at the beach.

All in all if you want to study quite the same way as in Finland, I would suggest about going to Netherlands for your exchange studies!


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