Low on money, rich in experiences

I'm doing my exchange in Turin, Italy. As the title says, after my plan i want to be low on money with many unforgettable experiences in my pockets. Because to me, nothing's worth more than those.

Before I came to Turin I made a promise to myself to use all of my money on experiences, traveling and delicious food. And I’ve kept my promise.

My friends and I go out to eat multiple times a week and that doesn’t even count in the little daily coffee dates and aperitivi.Β I’vehad so much pasta and pizza these past months I don’t think I can eat them in a very long time once I get back home. However, don’t get me wrong – I wouldn’t have it any other way. The local food is absolutely delicious.

I’ve also traveled quite a bit. I’ve been to Milan a few times now and to Lake Como with a friend, visited my cousin in Switzerland and some smaller places around Turin. I also have so many travel plans ahead. When my mom comes to visit, we’re gonna spend a weekend in Nice and visit Monaco on the way; my friend and I are planning of doing a day trip to the coast to Portofino and Genova during Easter; we’ve been dreaming with my main friend group about renting a car and driving up to Lake Garda for a few days. I might also join some ESN trips, who knows. Turin is located very conveniently since it’s close to the coast as well as to the French and Swiss borders. In addition the northern part of Italy is full of iconic places. Unfortunately, I think I’ll have to leave exploring the southern parts for a later time.

School’s also going alright. I feel like the courses seem like a lot of work but the standards are maybe a bit lower. So whenever I’ve thought I didn’t perform well or my end report wasn’t good enough, I’ve still ended up with good grades. Which is nice of course, I’m personally here for the experience and not co much for the lectures and exams, you know.

I would add pictures from my trips, but as I am in Italy, of course my phone got stolen πŸ˜€
So I lost all of my pictures from the beginning of my trip. Sad, I know.


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