Postcard from Berlin, Germany

To do exchange in Berlin was my dream and this dream came true for 6 month.

My exchange studies took place in Berlin and started in March. Most of the courses i took were completely different to the courses in TAMK(international law, language courses, Macroecnomics) and some quite similar with group work(international management) . In Germany they did not have as much group work for most of the courses. I liked that most of the courses I took in HTW university in Berlin were very interesting and included real life situation problems.
I spend my free time exploring Berlin and traveling. I have visited a lot of great museums and exhibitions in Berlin. I also visited Dresden, Prague and Sicily during my exchange. In our university we had a great exchange community, which organised a lot of events for exchange students(trip to Hamburg, späti tours, movie nights and so on).
I also studied a lot as some courses were really hard to pass, but it was worth it. My favourite course was International Law where we studied real cases.


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