Postcard from Berlin

Greetings from Berlin! I'm thrilled to share a glimpse of my exciting journey as an international student in this vibrant city. From my studies to my leisure time, and even a comparison to Finnish culture.

On the main photo you can see a skeleton of a brachiosaurus in the Museum für Naturkunde which I really enjoyed.


My academic experience in Berlin has enriching. I’m pursuing a degree in IB, and the curriculum here offers a lot. Professors encourage interactive learning, and there’s a strong emphasis on practical applications. The diverse student body has fostered insightful discussions, broadening my horizons. In Finland, the education system leans towards traditional lectures (At least during COVID-19 it was so, so maybe i’m wrong), making this experiential approach a valuable contrast.


Exploring Berlin during my free time has been an absolute joy. The city’s vibrant culture provide endless opportunities for adventure. From strolling through the historic streets of Mitte to savoring currywurst at local food markets, there’s always something new to discover (And a personal treat for me: A LOT of exhibitions and museums). The bustling nightlife and artistic scene also offer unforgettable experiences. In Finland, the pace of life is quieter, and leisure activities often revolve around nature. Berlin’s dynamic urban life has been an exciting change.


Comparing the academic culture in Berlin to Finland, I’ve noticed that Berlin places a strong emphasis on practical skills and hands-on learning, whereas Finland leans towards a more traditional approach with a focus on theoretical knowledge. Work environments in Berlin tend to be surprisingly lazy as nobody seems to want to do work that is not directly given to them by the management, therefore a lot happens very slow and not many workers will be glad to help customers/tourists.


Special note: visit Museum für Naturkunde, it is amazing. The picture where you see me looking in a microscope was also taken there.





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