Postcard from Spain


My experience in a small town, in Spain.

My name is Sonja and I am a 3-rd year International Business student from TAMK. I am doing a 6 months of exchange studies in the university of Vic. It is a small town in Catalonia, Spain. My courses are mostly business related courses, such as Leadership, E-Business, Social Media and Brand design, but also 2 language courses Spanish B1 and Catalan A1.

The studies in Vic compared to TAMK, are quite different because even if you have a specific timetable, the teacher might be late or if they are on time, the locals are on late so the course is not starting if only few are in the lesson. Also, my university in Vic does not offer a cafeteria where you can have lunch like we have at TAMK, so the students usually go to the nearest restaurants to have some lunch, but it is very cheap to eat outside so why not. I also have some courses on the evening from 5pm till 9pm. This was hard to manage at the beginning because so far what I have used to studying at Tamk, we haven’t had any lessons that late.

On my spare time, I mostly hang out with friends or travel around Spain. So far, I’ve been approx. 10-15 different places in different sides of Spain. The most visited places I have been so many times is Barcelona. It is just so beautiful that no matter how many times you visit there, there is always something to see or do. Overall, it has been an amazing and life changing opportunity. I am so glad I got this opportunity.


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