Practical training in Cyprus

I spent the last 3 months in a Mediterranean island known as Cyprus. The reason of my visit was to complete a part of my practical training and enjoy the summer holidays. Since I was born and raised in Cyprus, it was easy for me to find an opportunity to help both me and the family business. My family has a company that they basically sell raw materials and tools to different construction companies and individual customers. The Company Itself is doing amazing and there is constant orders and customers coming in and out of the shop. The only problem was that because my grandfather was the one that founded the company, it was missing a lot of today’s key features when it comes to social media. As a student that wants to go into Marketing when I graduate, I thought this would be the best position to put my self as my first task. The company has no website, no social media presence and a very old and simple logo (for today’s standards). So, for my practical training I decided that it would be the best choice to help the family business by creating a website, a new logo, a video advert and help with the orders and make deals with different companies.


During my spare time in Cyprus, I had a blast! Since Cyprus is my home Country, I am very familiar with the activities a person can do during the summer. One of my favorite things to do in the summer is go to the beach.  Me and a couple of friends went around the whole island, even in different cities in order to visit loads of beaches to snorkel. I love snorkeling, it is a unique experience when you get to swim with different types of fish. My highlight from snorkeling was when I got to swim with loads of turtles. Besides snorkeling, I also went around to different mountains for hiking, went to the beach and played some beach volley with friends and out for a couple of drinks at night. Overall, it was an amazing summer and practical training experience.


Studying or working in Finland compared to Cyprus is a completely different experience. Since in Finland the weather is quite cold, I got to experience what it’s like to lay in snow, have sauna sessions with friends, build a snowman and many more winter activities. In Cyprus though even in the winter it gets nowhere near as cold as in Finland. We barely have any snow and never gets colder than 5 or 6 degrees. So, it is a completely different experience.


Here are some pictures from my stay in Cyprus.



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