Practical training in Tanzania

We have been here in Mwanza, Tanzania with my friend Rami couple months working with street children. It was a huge relief after couple covid-years that we were able to come here. We are studying bachelor of social services, and this is once in a lifetime chance to see social work on the other side of the world.

Our practical training takes place in organization named Upendo Daima. The organization is working with street children in city of Mwanza, Tanzania. My job in organization is mostly to be in interaction with the children and give attention and love to the kids who has suffered and been rejected from their family. I do lots of different activities also with kids and we do adventures to many different places so the kids get new experiences.

I’ve been lucky enough to find friends from local people here. Me and other finnish people have been hanging out almost daily with our local friends, and they have been showing us many places in Mwanza, that we didn’t know exists. I have also been doing walks all by myself, thats a great way to explore and see the ”real life” and neighbourhoods, houses and people here. Mwanza is at the coast of Lake Victoria, and we have been doing boat trips around the lake and to the islands nearby.

Working here is very different comparing to Finland. The biggest difference has to be community here. And of course the problems what we are working with are really different comparing to Finland. There is no such a thing as street children in Finland, and in Tanzania and Africa it is a really big and common problem.


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