Coucou from Paris!

My exchange in Paris has been a dream come true. I have met so many incrediable people along the way and I feel so privileged to have had this opportunity to make an exchange semester here.

I’m here doing my internship in the field of physiotherapy. My first internship placement was in a private physiotherapy clinic and now the other on is in the hospital. I’m working here mostly in a septic orthopedics department but also cancer department and emergency care. The work is mentally tough but I know I’m doing something meaningful so I feel useful. I feel like I can make a difference by being a human to a human, just by holding a patient’s hand for example.

The highlights of my exchange have been the museums, the castle of Versailles and also participating to Erasmus+ trips to Étretat and Mont Saint-Michel’s castle. It’s a privilage in Paris that you are allowed to visit museums for free when being under 26-years-old so I intend to make the most of it! My favorite museum is definitely “Musée de l’Orangerie” (Orangery Museum) where you can find an impressive art gallery painted by an impressionist and post-impressionist artist Claude Monet.  Also, what really impressed me was Louvre Museum which is a huuuge museum full of impressive art-collections. Another impressive museum is the centre Pompidou which has collections of modern and contemporary art.

I enjoy spending time in the parks and the area of Montmartre mostly because of their chill atmosphere. From Montmartre you can also find the chuch Sacré-Coeur that’s in the cover picture. My favorite park in Paris is Jardin des Plantes where they have roses and other plants but I also enjoy chilling in the Luxembourg Garden. I’m really fond of nature and that’s something I miss the most from my home counrty Finland.

That’s all for now, thank you for reading. À bientôt!


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