Greeting from The Netherlands

I am 24-year-old final-year construction engineer student from Tampere. Since Late January I have been in The Hague, in The Netherlands taking part to exchange semester. The Netherlands has been very good to me I like living here a lot. It’s a multicultural hotspot and there are people from all different backgrounds, and it shows on the streets. In this text I will tell you about my experience.

Studying in The Netherlands is a lot different from studying back in Finland. Everyone seems a lot more laid back here compared to back home. The teachers truly are passionate about the subjects they teach, and it shows on how much they are willing to help and explain every little detail. I took part in minor “Design with Nature”. In the minor we learned how to find modern day solutions from nature where similar kind of problems have been solved due to evolution. We also learned how to take that strategy from nature and engineer and design it to work for humans also. The minor accounted for 30 ects. At times studying was also hectic and there was a lot of late nights to make a deadline probably because of the mostly laid-back atmosphere but nevertheless everything went well.

In the spare time there was usually some kind of activity with a big group like surfing, going to the beach to play volleyball, basketball at the campus, boxing or just grabbing beers and going to watch sports or some kind of party.



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