From Finland to Italy: a Traineeship in a Foreign Country

Studying in Rimini has been quite the jorney!

I’ve had some pretty fast paced italian language lessons during January a month before my traineeship and also lessons regarding a human psychology. Along with these I’ve had other things going on aswell.

The first month concentrated more to school and because of this it was quite tiring to have to sit down many hours. In addition to this, I have had to take care of many practical things regarding the exchange aswell as freetime. However, I would say the most frustating process was getting an apartment which I luckily got afterall!

This week I started my traineeship in hospital in Rimini. We can spend a lot of time in different modalities which gives me a bigger picture on healthcare in Rimini. Now I have my placement on MRI. I think it works same as in Finland but there is only a difference between what a radiographer do in contrast to a nurse. In Finland radiographers do also patientcare but here in Italy a radiographer only uses the consol and sets the patient in a correct position on an examination table. So in Finland we usually have two radiographers on a shift but in Italy a radiographer is paired with a nurse.

I have of course some spare time as well. I like to visit different cities in Italy. I also had a trip to San Marino. In Italy there is a good chance to use a train or a buss to go anywhere. It has been really helpful.



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