Postcard from Munich

Greetings from Munich! The keywords on my exchange semester here are adventures and friendships. Without them live would be absolutely boring.

Studies at Hochschule München

Frustration, success, interest, easy-going and hard work. That’s how I would describe my studies at Hochschule. I enjoyed most of the courses where we talked and reflected together and did the tasks together. I studied Energy Democracy, International Culture and Communicate, Coding by Python etc.


Spare time for adventures

I have been amazed how many good hiking spots you can reach by public transport nearby Munich! So when the wheather has been good and I have had day-off, I have hopped in to the train in the morning and come back after sunset. You don’t even have to pay extra for regional trains, because they are included to Deutschlandticket.

The best place to hang out in Munich on sunny day is English Garden. It is huge garden middle of the city, where Eisbach-river flows through. You can surf in the river or just float down stream.

If you are interested about bouldering, you should visit Element! It is one of the world’s best bouldering gym in Munich. Colourful climbs offer you lot of fun and muscle pain on next day.


Comparing study/work cultures

There are lot of similars in german and finnish cultures. Both cultures trust individuals to do their tasks how they know best, are punctual and don’t talk much small-talk.

I was afraid Germans would be very formal at school, but at Hochschule it was not like. The study groups were small and teachers were easy-going and nice. So I would say studying at Hochschule and TAMK are not very different.


Vielen Grüße, Annika


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