Greetings from Gent, Belgium

A sneak peak into Belgian school



Im writing to you from Gent, Belgium. Im here to study social educational care work. My days consist of lessons from 2-4 hours, depending on the day, usually 2-3 times a week. I like most of my teachers and they speak good English. School here is more easy, more unstructured and more guided. Everything is based on exams in the end and the hierarchy is more clear. Also, students are mostly 18-20 years old, as in Belgium it is more likely to start school straight after high school. This shows in the way teachers also approach us students. It’s more strict and they require more activity from us than in Finland. Also, there’s pretty much no flexibility and people’s mental health questions are not taken in notice as much as in Finland.

During my free time I mostly walk, bike or swim. We also hang around outside quite a bit and sit at nice terraces. Some days I do trips to other places and some days I do study as well. I live with 2 roommates and we often sit together and talk or eat.


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