Greetings from Mwanza "Rock City", Tanzania

Mwanza is called Rock City, because it is surrounded with big hills which are covered by thousands of rocks

We have done our practical training in organisation called Upendo Daima (Unconditional Love). Upendo Daima aims to find street children from streets, give them shelter and aid and connect them with their families again. If merging with their families again is not possible, Upendo Daima gives possibility to children live their childhood in Malimbe Family Center until they are grown up.

During our free time we mostly have just rested in our apartment or hanged out with our inlokali rafikis (local friends) and other exchange students from Finland. We also made safari trip to Serengeti. It was unbelievable to see giraffes, lions, elephants and many more different animals.

Accuracy of working times are very different here in Tanzania than in Finland. Maybe the biggest difference is the accuracy of starting time. If in Finland your work starts at 09.00 am, you really have to be ready to start working in 09.00 am, but in Tanzania the culture is way different. In Tanzania its ok to come late and no one really cares about it that much to be honest. Its normal to come later than expected. During our practical training no one has never been in work when supposed to. Its much more relaxed here. For me this has been very good, because its hard for me to be on time. In Finland I always feel anxious because of this, but here in Tanzania I have really started to enjoy from my mornings. I can take time during morning when I drink coffee, read morning magazine, have conversations with neighbors and not have the feeling of rush. Because of this I can do my job better for the whole day, because I haven’t felt morning anxiety like in Finland.


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