Greetings from Portugal!

My exchange period in Porto.



I’m Julius and I studied in Porto, Portugal. I studied in Porto for five month. The university where I studied is ISAG European Business School. The campus is well known in Porto and many students are studying there for international business, law business or tourism. 


My studies consist of five different courses. They were marketing, international management, enogastronomy, entrepreneurship and organizational behavior. Thanks to the enogastronomy course I learned very much about Portuguese food and wine culture. Entrepreneurship is something that I also study in Finland. It was a valuable course and now I know how to start business in Portugal in general. 


I was in exchange with my friend. We did all kinds of things in our spare time. Usually we hang out with our Erasmus friends in town. I travel a lot in Portugal. I traveled with my friend and fellow Erasmus friends in Lisbon, Braga and Coimbra. We also found the perfect gym for us. It is near the city center and there is also a swimming pool and sauna. That is right. Good electric sauna in Porto. It was bizarre. 


I would say that there is a big difference if I compare studies in Porto between TAMK / Proakatemia. We have a totally different school system at Proakatemia. You can’t even compare them. In Porto we also did a lot of group work together with Erasmus students. That is the similar thing in Proakatemia because we do almost everything together with the team. I think in general Finland studies have less hierarchy compared to Portugal studies.


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