Postcard from Middelburg, Netherlands

Greetings from the Netherlands!

My studies are going well here in Middelburg. I study laboratory technology at Tampere University of Applied Sciences and during my exchange I’m studying chemistry at HZ University of Applied Sciences.

The study program I have here isn’t quite the same that I have in Finland so there has been some differences. For example they have had here more theory classes about same topics but in the other hand they haven’t had many practical classes. Theory classes have felt a little hard but the practicals have been easier. Other thing that is different is that we have school just two or three days in a week and the school day is like maximum four hours. In Finland I have gotten used to that there is school every day and it is about 7 or 8 hours.

In the beginning of the exchange I spent a lot of time at the beach which is just a few kilometers from my apartment which is not bad at all with a bike. Now sadly the winter rains have come here so no warm beach days anymore. Student organisations have organized events where you can meet Dutch people and other exchange students which have been nice. I have also been exploring the Netherlands and other countries near me.



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