Postcard from Slovenia

My exchange period in Piran, Slovenia.

Doper dan! My name is Emmi and I studied for the spring semester 2022 in Piran, Slovenia. I studied in the University of Primorska in the Faculty of Tourism. My campus was located in a coastal city called Portoroz. The campus was only for tourism studies, and the other campuses were located in a bigger city near by called Koper. I lived close to my campus in a small old town called Piran.

My studies consist of five courses that were for example Human Resources in Tourism, Communication Science in Tourism and Basics in Tourism Industry. The courses went by usually with few lectures and a group assignment and then we had our exams. Exams were usually oral, which I found weird but apparently was normal also in other countries. When comparing my studies in Slovenia to my studies in TAMK I think there are a lot of little differences, but still quite similar. They are pretty formal in Slovenia and we had to address our teachers as professors. I found the courses contents to be similar and the teaching methods also.

I made good friends very quickly and I think there was not a day when we didn’t see each other if we weren’t on a trip or something. So the spare time, which we had a lot from school, we spent together. We had brunches, dinners, picnics. We played cards A LOT. Travelled together and had road trips. My friends even threw me a surprise birthday party that i had no idea about. We watched a lot of sunsets and swam. My friends made the whole experience and I couldn’t be more thankful for them. Also Slovenia is an amazing country with the most beautiful nature.



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