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How little I know

I recently came to think that I know rather little about my country despite my curiosity that has taken me to many places around the world. This summer I visited the northmost part of Finland and it was a very eye-opening experience to me as I had only ever been to the southern Lapland before. Neither have I really seen the eastern parts of my country. The Sámi culture, the Karelian and the Roma culture are all very unknown to me, to name a few. I might say the same about rural areas and their lifestyles and livelihoods. How could I say I know my own country?

Are we Finns really that tough as people say?

We Finns - Mikko Louhimaa

In this blog post I ponder Finnishness from the perspective of its social dynamics and the contrast between its modesty and appeal. I address the question of why Finns keep coming back to Finland from travelling or living abroad.