Enjoy the silence


Finland and its residents are unique. Finnish people are as calm as its nature and go together with every season of the year. When it gets darker and colder in wintertime, we prefer to stay in our bedsheets with a hot chocolate. Some of us enjoy many wintertime activities such as going downhill skiing or ice skating. Skiing resorts are the place where one can find Finnish people as happy as they can be in that time of the year. As the opposite in summertime, we bloom as our flowers do. We enjoy the weather to the fullest, but the most relaxed a Finnish person can be is at their own cottage or Mökki, we would say.

We give importance to little things we do daily, like having our morning coffee and reading the newspaper. It wouldn’t be a normal day without a tiny detail missing in our routine. Finnish people are really dedicated to their everyday lives that gives us freedom: the tranquillity of the mornings, late night walks or just staying at home reading a book. Of course, the norms variate in us, but that’s how I would interpret the peaceful nature of us Finns.


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