What Is Finnishness?

Finnishness is based in respect, trust, and appreciation.

Respect is the number one factor in Finnish culture. Respect for the rules, respect for each other, and respect for nature. the understanding that the rules are put into place to protect everything around us and why it’s important to follow them, which is why the vast majority of Finns follow the rules to the letter, and why you won’t see many jaywalking, even when there aren’t any cars. Respect for each other, which can be shown through the quiet culture, you don’t want to disturb anyone or bother anyone, because you yourself wouldn’t want to be bothered, and finally respect for nature, knowing how beautiful and wonderful it is to be able to swim in a lake and walk through a forest, and wanting to preserve that by keeping it clean, and replanting trees after they’ve been razed for example.

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Next, the deep trust Finns have for each other is amazing. Trust in the government to do the right thing and to try and better the lives of all Finns and trust in each other to be negotiating and helping each other in good faith. this can be seen in any situation where something can’t be verified. If you speak Finnish alot of the time you can explain the situation and they’ll trust you.

Lastly, appreciation for the nature around them and everything they have around them. this appreciation can really helps to ground us and no matter what is going on, we have what is needed.



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