Finnish values

Flag of Finland against Helsinki panorama

Finland is the hidden gem of Europe. Here you can experience all four seasons, the beautiful Lapland, and go to sauna as much as you like but don't let 5 minute summer, seasonal depression or brutal honesty bum you out.

All jokes aside, Finns are one of the happiest populations on earth perhaps it’s because we have a well developed society with vast nature including human rights, good healthcare, democratic governance and freedom.

Finland being ranked one of the safest countries in the world, you might say that safety and peace are eminent values of the people. It comes with certain aspects that Finns may take for granted but is indeed part of the culture. For example, there is freedom of speech, children can make their own way to school and back without their parent(s), it’s relatively safe to walk anywhere at anytime, officials/authorities are commonly trusted, and things like natural disasters, corruption, gun violence and terrorism are extremely rare.

In my opinion, other commonly held values that are reflective of Finnish culture are equality, honesty and trust, personal space, punctuality, education and work, individuality and appreciation of nature. All these illustrate how Finns are essentially quite simple and modest people altogether describing my experiences of Finnishness.




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