If anything, Finns are proud people. Especially regarding our success in sports. The moment when we win something e.g. hockey championship, the finnish souls fill with joy and pride. When that happens we like to go to tori and drink beer and celebrate like there’s no tomorrow. It is also known as the moment when we can say hi to our neighbour that we never greet.

We are quiet and humble people who know how to mind our own business, to a certain point at least. Our solitary lives come together to make noise for our little dark and cold country.

The common factor for as all is sauna. We go to sauna to purify ourselves, to celebrate or to just hang out. Sauna is usually always involved and most of us love it. We can watch our team win the title while we bathe. Finns can also get real in sauna, we usually dont’t open up too much and endure our adversity. But in sauna, the world stops and we can talk about things over a nice cold drink.


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