When I need to describe a Finnish person, which is quite common, (we are not very well known and tend to be mixed with Swedish people or other Northen folk), first adjective that comes to my mind is solitarity.

The few people that do know us Finnish people might say that we are hermits and I wouldn’t deny that. We’re known for being quite solitary people, we like our personal space. Have you seen the bus stops? If you can catch more than one person waiting for a bus, guaranteed you will notice how scarcely they stand. It won’t matter what the weather is. Pouring down rain? A blizzard? I bet you will see some space between the people.

Now is this a bad thing? No.

Many foreigners have said that yes Finns are quite reclused but when you befriend a Finn you will get a lifelong and a meaningfull friendship. You will get a real friend. Someone who will appriciate you (maybe because they wont get to know other people that easily) but also someone who will keep it real with you. I personally would have one true frind than many surface level friends.


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