When I think about Finland and finnishness, first thing that comes to mind is winter, snow and nature. I’m originally from Lapland (hometown of Santa Claus) and I really like the real winter with lots of snow. Winter sports like ice hockey (especially when we beat Swedish), skiing and downhill skiing are important to Finnish people.  In Lapland, the nature is the most beautiful thing and many foreigners come to Finland to experience the Finnish nature. I’m happy and proud to grew up in Finland. Also sauna is a big part of Finnish culture and when I moved to Tampere, I didn’t have my own sauna and I really miss it. I completely understand why sauna is so important to Finnish people.

Finns are known as quiet and honest people who value their privacy. We are also hard-working, friendly and there is this thing called ‘sisu’ which means determination regardless of the cost and persistence.

All things considered, I’m proud to be a Finn.


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