Thoughts about seasons.

What I love about Finland is that we have four seasons. Or at least we used to have – nowadays it feels that whether it is Midsummer or Christmas, the weather is always the same. Next I am going to tell you how life and activities change during the seasons.

Winter is probably the most popular season when Finland is introduced abroad. The weather is breezing cold, and we get to enjoy the beautiful snowy landscapes… Unless you live in Lapland, that can’t be taken granted. But when the snow finally falls to the ground, we love to spend time outside by skiing, skating or jumping into the icy lake water or even by rolling in the snow and ending the session to a fiery heat of sauna.

When the long, dark and cold winter finally decides to step aside and the spring sun surrounds us, people navigate their ways to parks to have “pussikalja” (beer in a bag) and this happens in summer outfits even though it is still five degrees warm. One thing that is a sign of spring is “vappu” (first of May). On that day parks are full of people, and especially students, enjoying each other’s company and of course “pussikalja”.

After spring, summer caresses us and it is time to celebrate “juhannus” (midsummer). During that holiday many people head to their cottages and spend time together for example by eating good food (to many Finns that means grilling sausage) or playing games such as cottage olympics.

The last season here, autumn, brings lots of color to the nature. In Finland we call that “ruska”. Even though autumn brings the darkness and cold back to us again, the time is very beautiful with its colorfulness. Especially Lapland is mesmerizing and hikes over there are on many Finn’s bucket list.

I hope that we get to enjoy four seasons in the future as well.


Photos from Pixabay.


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