A peaceful land full of saunas and lakes.

I have lived in Finland almost all my life. I did live in England for three years with my family when I was little but I do not remember much about that time. To be honest, I have not always appreciated Finland the way I do nowadays. My exchange is getting closer and closer and I can notice myself stopping and appreciating what Finland has to offer.

I have caught myself thinking about how much I will miss the extremely blue sky and the pure quality of the air. I know the peaceful atmosphere will be long gone in Seoul, but I am also ready for that. I have been preparing myself for the huge city of Seoul.

Finnishness to me is being humble, minding your own business, and respecting others’ personal space, sauna, and nature. I already know I will not have personal space in the huge metropolis of Seoul. Going to the nature in Finland hits differently and is something many Finns enjoy.


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