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Finnish people are kind of introverted in a way. Let me elaborate. Finns are not the only introverted people in the world. However, Finns tend to be far more direct and honest with their feelings and thoughts than other introverts, such as the Japanese.

A Finn is the one person you can always trust. Isn’t that incredibly freeing for the heart and mind?

If a Finn says you’re cool, you can trust that they genuinely believe you’re cool. You can trust Finn’s words when they say you are “welcome to join” and go to their house. They won’t try to get rid of you by making nice excuses while feigning a grin.

Usually, Finns are not bothered by ineffective hierarchies, statuses, or concerns about making the “ideal” impression. The question is “but what’s the point? ‘’in what ways does that improve everyone’s lives’’? are some of the frequently heard questions or concerns from a Finn.

They also take a “modest” type of pride in their past, so you never see them secretly hoping that the rest of the world will acknowledge their “better” ways of operating. They simply do not feel this way, in contrast to other wealthy countries. It’s easy for someone to mistake their expressionless visage and quietness for arrogance, but you quickly realize that nothing could be further from the truth. Finns basically don’t like their heightened feelings or expressions to contaminate the space between you and them. They give you the room to be yourself and express yourself.

My feeling of freedom from the nonsense of life outside of Finland grows stronger the longer I live and work with them. no commotion Yes, there is some drama, but only a little. lack of discernment, Of course, people are judgmental of one another, but it’s nothing like it is in, say, southern Europe. No one will gossip behind your back if you accidentally buy a bad gift for your friend because you ran out of money or time. Your friend will be really grateful that you attended.

There is so much room to be who you are, so there is no need to be cautious about the sensitive feelings of others in this situation. Utter liberation Freedom to direct that energy toward what really matters.

People typically accept each other for who they are. If you didn’t get your (hair) root job done on time and it shows, nobody will care. Or perhaps today isn’t your best day, they understand if you appear a little distant and leave you alone. You do not need to fake happiness or a grin if you are going through a difficult time in your life. Your attitude is appropriate. You won’t be penalized for it.

Finns are calm, humble, and genuinely honest people who place no value on their integrity. They don’t have an agenda and aren’t “brutal” in their honesty. They won’t violate your trust or pull a fast one on you in any way. They simply have different wiring.

In my perspective, the Finns are extremely unique because of this kind of natural introversion as well as the other characteristics I mentioned before. It’s one of those things that takes some getting used to at first but is simple to enjoy once you get used to it. In fact, after you have sufficiently internalized this culture, you begin to view the rest of the world a little bit differently, and returning to the outside world gets more challenging.




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