My thoughts about Finnishness

It seems to me that Finland is a really strong and independent country. In Finland, we use the term “sisu”, which means determination and ability to sustain courage. I really appreciate many things in Finland and in Finnishness but now I’m going to tell you only some of them.


Country of the peace

My own grandparents have been in a Winter War and they had to leave Karelia and they lost literally everything they had. They had to cope with the impossible and continue living after tragical happening such like this in a new city with unfamiliar people. They have told me many stories about the War. I want to thank every ex-servicemen and women who have given everything for this land and were ready to risk their own life for war. Finland is my safe place and my home country  I would change it for nothing. In the world we are living now, peace is not self-evident, so I do not want to take this peace for granted.


Humble by nature

I consider that most Finnish people are humble by nature. I really like that, although we could be more proud of ourselves sometimes. There are several well-known Finns in the world who are good at what they do. For example, I really appreciate Lauri Markkanen, the only Finnish who has ever played in an NBA All-Star game, but he is still unpretentious in a good way. We don’t have this need to empathize with ourselves and I believe that healthy humility is often the key to success.



It is clear that Finnish education is one of the bests in the world. The Finnish welfare society offers equal educational opportunities for all, and education from pre-primary to higher education is free. I think that compulsory education is a really good and needed thing. Also, the teachers are high-educated which is important.


All things considered, I love this country and wherever I’m going I’ll bring there a piece of Finland with me.


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