Finnishness from the perspective of a Finn

A Finn's thoughts about Finnishness.


My name is Jenni and this is my first blog post here. Today I’ll be writing to you guys about my perspective of Finnishness as a person who was born and bred in Finland.

From the eyes of a Finn, Finland is known for its beautiful and rich nature, many lakes and great level of education. I think Finnishness has some similar elements to all who’ve experienced it but it’s also wildly different to everyone. Everyone’s perspective of Finland and Finnishness is shaped by their personal experiences and connections.

For me personally, Finnishness is all about the people you surround yourself with. I’ve been very fortunate to have found an amazing group of people around me that describe my perception of Finnishness perfectly. I believe their kindness, selflessness, sisu, perseverance, and joy sets them apart and for me creates the foundation of my perception of Finnishness.

Finnish people love to spend their time in nature, cottage homes, local cafes and restaurants, and best of all in the sauna. The Finnish lifestyle is much more grounded than in other cultures. We enjoy our time out and about just as much as we value a good cup of coffee at home.

Nothing gets us more excited than ice hockey, especially when we win against Sweden. It truly is something that brings the entire nation together. Otherwise, the very individualistic culture Finland represents is transformed by the community for these celebratory instances.

Finland is one of the only countries where from my perspective, most of the people lead with trust. If you drop your belonging on the street, it’s more likely that somebody picks it up and puts it on a bench or takes it to a nearby kiosk than it is for it it to get stolen.

Finnishness is an honest and just lifestyle.


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