The four seasons of Finland

The four seasons of Finland and what they can teach you.

Finland – the country currently affected with serious seasonal depression with its weather as cold as the people, yet a lot of people wouldn’t change it for the world. I’m one of those people. Having travelled around the world, Finland is always a pleasure to come back to, no matter if it’s raining or pouring. 

I think it’s all about the way you look at it. The harsh winters and the lack of sunlight make the coming spring and the first rays of sun feel that much better. It feels rewarding, like it’s something you fought for, and something to remind you that things will always turn out for the better. 

Hearing the word ”Finnishness”, my mind went instantly to an image of a lake by a summer cottage. The sun is setting, it’s quiet all around, and there’s not a worry in the world. That’s when I feel the most Finnish. The picture I attached is taken on midsummer, a holiday people love to celebrate on their summer cottages, cuddled up by the beautiful Finnish nature. As a celebration for the lightest day of the year, midsummer is my favorite holiday of the year. 

But by no means is the Finnish winter something to not appreciate too! Have you seen Lapland? Being into motorsports, the first snowfall each year reminds me of how I was born in the right country, the right region, with the right friends. The very same conditions have given birth to some of the most talented racing legends in the world, too. 

And when autumn comes, you’ll know that each year, without fail, life goes on. Sometimes autumn feels more of a “new start” than the beginning of the new year itself – you might be starting a new school, semester, job, anything you’ve set your mind to.  

I think a big part of the Finnish perseverance (“sisu”, if you will) comes from the four seasons of Finland. For me, they’ve taught me to live in the moment and appreciate what you currently have.


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