Happiest country in the world - Nature might be the key

Happiest country in the world means enjoying the beauty of nature.

For me, the happiest country in the world means Finns enjoying the beautiful nature of Finland. Summertime in Finland is amazing. All the music, food and drink festivals…is there anything better than spending summerholidays in Finland? And  the festivals usually located somewhere near by our beautiful nature? I would so say no. Sun is up most of the time in the summer and no one need to worry about cold, dark evenings as they are in the winter.

Winter might be mentaly hard for Finns. But, in the winter we could, for example, go to skii or have a long walks on a frozen lakes. Also we have the possibility to go to the forests in anytime of the year, and it is good for our mental health.  Probably the possibility to be in the nature makes us happier. I hope that Finnish nature will remain as it is now. It is valuable for its cleanliness, and at least it helps us to feel free from daily responsibilities.


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