How does it feel to be Finnish?

Finland is a country that arouses interest. Things are surprisingly good here, even though the Finns can seem serious.

There would be so much to tell about Finland abroad! We have wonderful nature and Lapland especially enchants many foreigners. The four seasons and especially winter is enchanting.


The behavior of Finns also often causes surprise. We may seem shy, but suddenly we are naked next to each other in the sauna. Finns are not based on small talk and stick strictly to their schedules. I feel that Finns are still kind-hearted and brave ones.


Courage can be seen, for example, in wartime, when little Finland defeated big Russia. Now it has been a more peaceful time in Finland, for which you can be really grateful. You can travel in Finland quite calmly without fear of violence.


Free education is also something that often causes interest. Even if you come from a poor family, you can still go to school. That’s something I’m particularly proud of.


Finland has been voted the happiest country seven times, and I’m not surprised. Although the Finns are sometimes distant, things are really good with us. I am grateful that I am Finnish.


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