How Finland inspires me?

The kindness and purity felt all around Finland inspires your inner peace to grow and your well-being to thrive!

I have never experienced this feeling of safety and quietness while being outside of my house as I do here in Finland. I love the peaceful environment people are creating with respect to the society and nature in the same time. Here, you don’t have any impulse to be louder or raise your voice; everything is so chill and well-preserved that you want to keep it that quiet and pure way. From this lifestyle, you can easily find your inner balance and control your anxiety from the daily activities you have to do.

That is how I am feeling during my studies as well: the Finnish education system seems perfect for me, as it gives you care for your wellbeing as you always have the options to adjust your workload according to your needs and powers. You will be understood here by teachers and nobody will try to “take you down” as a student. The studies can be taken step-by-step. With consistency but no rush. The system and the environment tells you that “you will manage everything, don’t worry!”. That is why I appreciate the Finnish education, as it has long-lasting effects on your development as an individual.

At first I didn’t understand why it is considered as one of the best educations in the world. It was strange for me to see how much independent work I needed to do, which was totally up to me, from time management to task projecting. My earlier school studies where held with a lot of teacher implication and control so I was used to having everything directed for me. Here in the Finnish university, I realized that it is in fact me that needs to do all the management. That is how a successful adult lifestyle works and the method of teaching here is a good training for me to start to own up to the tasks I have to do and responsibilities I should assign for myself. Nobody is going to do that for me in future and now it’s the perfect time to develop my independence. After one year of assimilation to the Finnish education system, I finally started to really appreciate the educational approach that is promoted here.

I can now feel the gratitude I have towards this country that makes me think more about the little things in life that can make my day a happy one: drink a coffee, have a forest walk, share little smiles with strangers…all what Finns do and inspire others to be kinder to each other!


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