Knitting and other handcrafts are surprisingly Finnish

We really love knitting

There is just something very Finnish about self knitted socks, crafting nights with your collage friends and the sound of knitting needles clicking in a class room. Hobbies like knitting or sewing are often seen as elderly activities but in Finland handcrafts are for all ages and I think that’s neat.

I remember when I got my so “sewing machine license” also known as “ompeluajokortti” in Finnish. All Finnish kids my age also had one and I think handcrafts stay as a part of our lives because we’re being taught those skills young. Those simple moments of pride and feelings accomplishment really knit Finnishness together crafting.

I have noticed not a lot of other countries put as much effort into teaching and preserving handcrafting. People outside Finland usually think it’s a little strange to see half of a lecture hall knitting socks or are amazed to hear that some one has knitted a whole sweater from scratch. And they are right knitting a garment from scratch is amazing. I think we should be as proud of our everyday seamstresses and knitters as we are of Marimekko and Finlayson.

I hope Finland keeps it’s connection to handcrafts alive and well.


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