My Experiences of Finnishness

To you from a proud Finnish who can`t wait to merge into another cultures!

Finland has been my home for the past 24 years and I haven`t really been that long time away from it. So, for me the personality traits for being Finnish is as same thing as being proud, persistence and stubborn. Speaking for myself I can confirm that these characteristics apply to me at least.

Thinking of these characteristics that I habit it some how reflects the love towards our culture and existence. Finland as a country truth to be told hasn`t always felt as home and when I was growing up, I dreamt about life away from Finland. Maybe it was the occasional rudeness of people or the cold and long winters.

As I have become older and (hopefully) wiser as well I have learned to love and appreciate Finland as it is. The nature, good education and the spirit of people that surrounds you when you watch for example ice hockey. We might seem at first complicated and introverted but please give us some time and we will come off our shell`s and become worth known folk.



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