Confusing challenge

Make sure the goal is clear.

In this challenge, the results didn´t come out as I expected, but the learning curve accelerated fast after the issues we faced began to be solved and the air was clear again. That is part of ProAkatemia’s learning method. It is not only about to try and fail, but rather about reflect and analyze what you did, what went well, and what went wrong. An actual topic of the assignment is not relevant to the matter I will write about.

I think it was good that we decided relatively quickly in the direction we are going into. Unfortunately, it was followed by a lack of an actual structure and clarity. Communication is crucial, I´m happy to realize this at the early stage of my journey here. The blurry vision created confusion and conflicts which lead to a breakdown of the team spirit.

When the atmosphere got very tense, we decided to work on own the task separately and get back together with the results. We had a little bit of time to cool down and think things through. We decided to hold the next meeting in the neutral space, the café. I think it was a good decision, it allowed us to loosen the tension, brainstorm again and reconnect. Being straight forward right from the start is very important, we neglected our concerns and let things go without control.

For the next challenge or group assignment, I will make sure the goal is clear and everyone understands what´s the aim of it. I think mutual respect where we try to understand the other person´s view, conversation, and being honest is something that I want to take away.


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