2. Meeting: Campfire

 Campfire, food, and cultural exchange

Our second meeting was at a campfire site near Näsijärvi, a beautiful place to share more stories from our diverse backgrounds. Our friends from Germany, the Netherlands and Hungary joined us again.

Before we could enjoy the warmth of the campfire, we had to go to the K-market together to buy food. Despite our different cultural backgrounds, it turns out we share a love for the same kind of food when it comes to barbecuing – a fully vegan feast! Some marinated tofu, mustard of course, plant-based sausages, buns, and sweet corn. Moreover I prepared a lot of stockbread in advance, super easy to make (German recipe: https://www.einfachbacken.de/rezepte/stockbrot-schnelles-grundrezept). Nisalyna really liked it , even though her preference is to grill everything just a bit longer, giving it that perfect slightly blackened edge :O


The evening was super interesting and fun, but over time the public campfire place attracted quite a few friendly Finns. This was a welcome surprise and we couldn’t resist joining in the discussions about Finnish culture (e.g. compulsory military service). While this diverted our focus a bit from our planned language exchange, it turned out to be a more extensive cultural exchange, given the extra participants.



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