7.12.2023 Last meeting-German baking

Time goes so fast. We had our final meeting yestday.

Thursday is our final meeting. My friend, Katja, will go back to Germany in 2 weeks. This means her exchange study in TAMK will end, and we will have no chance to meet in Finland. She wanted to make it memorable by sharing a taste of her culture through a bakery. She baked Kirschenmichel for me.

We met in my apartment, and she brought all the ingredients. In the afternoon, we busied ourselves in the kitchen, stirring butter and sugar and pressing dried bread. When the cake was baking in the oven, the smell of milk filled the air. We chatted and laughed, waiting for it to be ready. The atmosphere was so sweet and warm.

As the evening ended, she had to leave. We all had a valuable memory from that last time.

So here ends a chapter of the Each One Teach Each One course, marked by helpful language learning and the warmth of shared meals. I am grateful for the cultural exchange and the cherished memories we have created together. Besides, I hope she will have a wonderful journey for her studies and life in her home country, Germany.


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