EGP – FIN – LEB – Meeting Two

We met in Särkänniemi for the Särkänmärkä event. This was a lot of fun because we definitely got to do some activities.

We talked about cultural differences again related to amusement parks and other related things.

I got to know for example about Särkänmärkä and that it is an annual event where students go to the amusement park every September. It is a very big event where we really have to get the tickets are early as possible to get our places there. Also, I got to know how important it is to get the patch from the event to sew it later on the overall. Which is apparently a huge deal in Finland. So we came dedicated to getting more of them to sew them later. We also learnt a lot about the overalls culture. Like not washing them unless in a fountain or jumping in a lake, sewing the bottoms first to the very fullest, keeping the title visible, and not putting the top on because we are in TAMK and not TUNI, the academic part of the university.

I also talked about amusement parks in Egypt. I lived very close to one amusement park in Egypt that we visited a lot. But it lacked some maintenance sometimes. It was never dangerous but sometimes funny.

I did not expect to learn so much about overalls, I always saw them and saw students wearing them, but never had to experience it myself.

We had challenges waiting for the rides a lot, so we had to really come up with solutions all the time about how to play the most while waiting the least. However, during the waiting time, we always talked about our cultures and languages also.


Photo by Dana Cetojevic:



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