First meeting – teaching Finnish

Hi everyone!

The first meeting of our group of three took place in Puisto Café. When learning Finnish, we thought it would be best to start slow since this was their first time learning it. I taught Oat and Mint some words that might prove to be useful and even some handy phrases. I came to the conclusion that I should teach them everything in informal language instead of formal one because, in reality, no one uses formal language in every day situations. We also went through the alphabet very briefly just to get the gist of how the Finnish language works.

It was fun to teach my language while sipping on some cocoa and honestly much easier than I expected. I’m not exactly sure what I was expecting but for the next meeting, I won’t trouble myself with a strict set of vocab that we have to go through. Instead, I’ll see what seems to be the most appropriate thing to learn at the time.

It was fun! I’m looking forward to the upcoming meetings:)

Meeting time: 12.2.2022


Date: 18.2.2022


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