Fourth meeting - Drinking tea together

Drinking a cup of tea and practising Spanish.


Yesterday we met in the shopping mall Koskikeskus to drink some tea/coffee. The place was very small buut very nice! The place is called QiTea and I think that it is a Chinese concept where they sell exotic tea and coffee with all types of tastes.

Our goal for this meeting was to get to know each other  better and to practise our English and Spanish. In both we did a good job and we had a lot of fun! We talked about our week and the unfortunate news that Kia leaves at the end of the month. But fortunately for her it’s good news since she’s going to be a bridesmaid on a wedding in the US. We also talked about our cultures and we had basic conversations in Spanish which was very interesting! For example, that the words casa, cosa, caso all look like each other but mean someting completely different.

This learning experience has a lot of similarities in comparison to the last meeting. This meeting was a one-hour meeting with conversations who were more in depth and it was a conversation more about their background and their culture. The different thing about this meeting was that we practised more Spanish and we focussed more on learning new words.

We are focussing on speaking even more Spanish the next time!


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