Bienvenue à Paris

Greetings from Paris, also known as the city of love, but for me it was all about meeting new people, exploring, and eating delicious food.

My studies: During my studies in Paris I took 5 different courses

Business Strategy

Business Ethics & CSR

Luxury Innovation, Sustainable Development and Quality


International HR Management 

I learned a lot in each course and my favorite of the five was Business Ethics and CSR. Although it was heavily focused on group work, I got to meet new people and hear different perspectives on the topic. The teacher was easy to approach, and she had various assignments, one which had us watch the movie Don’t Look Up. 

My spare time: During my spare time in Paris I would often take a walk and explore new areas of the city, visit art museums, and eat lots of baked goods such as croissants or tartes. I focused on immersing myself in the city and the culture as much as possible, which also required me to practice and use my French skills along the way. 

Comparison: When comparing French and Finnish education or working styles, the French have a much more laid back approach and don’t stress much when something isn’t perfect or one thing I noticed, was that patience is key to working with French people. Whereas in Finland, punctuality and being on time physically or in regard to assignments are highly valued. Additionally, adjusting to a new language and overcoming the barrier is very challenging and a lot of time must be allotted for it.  

Au revoir,

Ella Muja 🙂


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