Greetings from Rotterdam!

I started my exchange studies in August 2022 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I had decided that I want to do my exchange studies in the Netherlands and somehow ended up applying to the second biggest city in the Netherlands and got in!

Why Rotterdam?

When I started to search information on different universities in the Netherlands, RUAS had the most interesting minor in my opinion. I also wanted to live in a big city and be able to travel to Amsterdam quickly (only 40mins by train). I have been studying in Rotterdam business school (RUAS) and my minor is Business and society: glocal perspective. This program is divided into three different projects that we get to work on with our group.

Rotterdam skyline with Erasmus bridge and Willemsbrug.


Studying in RUAS

We get to know some local companies during these projects by visiting and interviewing them. Also, we dont have any exams during our exchange, because they use different methods to grade us: presentations & reports. Teaching method is very similar to Finnish way: we discuss together about different topics during class, our class sizes are not big, we work within small (4-5 people) teams and our opinions are heard. I would say the teaching method is very modern and if you need to ask for help or reach out to any of the teachers, you can just send a message via Teams and they´ll respond you usually latest the next day.


These pictures were taken from the boat party we had in our orientation week.


Life in the Netherlands

I like the way of living in the Netherlands. It´s very similar compared to Finnish lifestyle and it makes things a little bit easier. Everyone follows time schedule that has been agreed on beforehand and public transport etc are working quite well. I also feel safe in the city even if I´m walking alone to home from bar at night. I like when things are organized in a society. I have been travelling inside the Netherlands and abroad to Brussels and Paris. I love to live in more central part of Europe (compared to Finland) because travelling is cheaper, easier and less time-consuming. I can recommend to visit in the Netherlands and to see Rotterdam. 🙂

Sunset in Rotterdam & windmills in Kinderdijk.


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