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Postcard from Malta :) What is it like to do your practical training in a Maltese hospital.

Hello! I have been doing my exchange in Malta. I am doing my practical training here as a nurse. I have been doing my training in a hospital called Mater Dei hospital. I am doing eight weeks in the pediatric unit.

I have been wokring with only one mentor here. Which is nice, because I get along with my mentor very well. She let me do a lot of stuff by myseself, but I also work a lot with her. First week I was just beside her and watched what she does. But as weeks went by, I got to do a lot of stuff by myself.

During the free time I hang out with other exchange students. We all live in the same accomodation here, so it is very easy  just to hang out around the accomodation. For example at the pool or just in somebodys room. We also have done so many day trips to another citys and even other islands. I feel very lucky that I have met so many nice people that I can do stuff with. We also go partying every weekend here. It is nice to see some other clubs than just the clubs I am used to in Finland. The people here are definitely the highlight of my trip.

The working culture is very different here than in Finland. The shifts are 12 hours long. At first they seemed very long to me, because I am used to the 8 hours shifts in Finland. But now i’m already used to them. You can also have an one hour nap during the shift, which is nice considering the lenght of the shifts. They speak alot of Maltese here, but everybody can speak English also. So the language has not been a problem for me.

Overall I have enjoyed my time here so much. I still have one month left and i’m excited what the rest of the trip brings along.


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